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Our marble trivets and mortar & pestles have been hand-made. They are beautiful, functional pieces for your kitchen but also look great on display. The mortar is your bowl and the pestle is the hand-held part.

To clean your mortar and pestle:

  • After use, empty your mortar, add a couple of table spoons of raw rice and roughly grind. Tip out the rice. Hopefully it has absorbed the oils from any garlic or chili etc. If not, repeat with more rice.
  • You can wash your mortar and pestle in the sink with a mild detergent
  • If you regularly grind chili or similar your white marble may become stained over time but this is nothing to worry about

If using your mortar & pestle frequently you can sand the widest part of the pestle with some rough sand-paper to increase the effectiveness of its grinding surface.